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Making Universities Matter

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Making Universities Matter: A Knowledge Platform on the Role of Universities in Society

Within this knowledge platform – funded by Vinnova – we set out to understand how universities arrange their activities and how they are aligned with different interests in society.

More specifically, the platform will study how the blend of missions and tasks of universities has evolved over time, and will relate that mix to institutional specificities such as state governance and how universities interact with students, scientific communities, and stakeholders in industry, government and civil society. It also seeks to elucidate crossnational differences and similarities in the institutionalization (and change) of universities: in Sweden and other countries in Europe, and through relevant comparisons with the evolution of university roles in North America and Asia.

The platform also aims to engage in policy debates on universities, providing policy relevant briefs and serving as a forum for topical discussion.

The platform is run in collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Lund University, and engages a number of scholars from the two universities – as well as affiliated policy fellows from around the world.