Terttu Luukkonen

Retired from Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

Terttu Luukkonen is recently retired from the position of Chief Research Scientist at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy and is currently associated with the Institute through ETLA Senior Fellowship as well as being an affiliated researcher with the MUM platform. Terttu has evaluated and advised on science and innovation policies and programmes for Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Chile, France, Sweden. In addition, she has consulted international organisations (European Commission, European Court of Auditors, OECD, UN ECE, and the Nordic Council of Ministers), and been on expert panels evaluating the impacts of EU framework Programmes (5-Year Assessment Panel of the EU’s ICT Programme, 2004; the FP7 ICT Interim Evaluation, 2009-2010; First and Second Interim Evaluations of the ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Technology Initiatives, 2010, 2011-12; Evaluation of the ICT Support Programme in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, 2011).