Klara Müller


Klara Müller is a PhD student at KTH since January 2021 and affiliated doctoral researcher with the MUM platform. Klara holds a master’s degree in the History of Science and Ideas from Uppsala University. Her research focuses on the topic of historical change in quality cultures of humanities research.​


Anders Hylmö is postdoctoral researchar at the Research Policy group, Department of Business Administration at Lund University. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Lund University. His research interests bridges sociology of science, the sociology of (e)valuation, and research policy analysis, with a focus on topics such as disciplinary styles of reasoning, evaluative practices, and the links between funding instruments and other institutional arrangements, and the content and conduct of science. His PhD thesis Disciplined Reasoning. The mainstream-heterodoxy divide and styles of reasoning in Swedish economics (2018) was awarded the 2019 Katrin Fridjonsdottir memorial prize in the sociology of knowledge. He currently works in a project on the long term effects on Vinnova’s VinnExcellence and Berzelii centra programmes together with Mats Benner, and is part of R-QUEST, an Oslo-based international research centre exploring the nature of quality in research through comparative research. He has also been a long time editor and member of the editorial board of the social theory journal Fronesis.