Farzana Bashiri

Lund University

Farzana started her PhD studies in June 2021 at Lund University. She joined the platform within the theme of “the roles of scientists (and academia at large) in transition to sustainable societies”.  She scrutinises the interface of science and activism in the Global South context to understand the essential and specific roles that scholars do play and could play within bottom-up sustainability innovations.

Her master’s education has been in the interdisciplinary field of Sustainability Science and Environmental Studies at Lund University. She carried out her thesis project on the development dynamics of an educational niche innovation in Iran; the so-called “Nature Schools”. Theoretically speaking, her research was grounded at the intersection of transition studies and social movement studies.

In her doctoral project, Farzana’s ambition is to advance mutually favourable collaborations between scientists and activists. She hopes her critical engagement with this topic can produce meaningful practical and theoretical outcomes for the respective stakeholders of her research.