Background and Description of the Knowledge Platform

Learning and knowledge development activities are an essential part of policy and programme development at Vinnova. To embed the latest knowledge and academic ‘state of the art’ in their work, Vinnova decided to initiate new knowledge platforms for research and analysis around topics relevant to Vinnova’s activities. At the end of 2015, Vinnova initiated the first of these knowledge platforms – focusing on the knowledge triangle (K3) and the role of universities in society.

The concept of the knowledge triangle is understood as the principle of strengthening the linkages between research, education and innovation at universities.

The purpose of the Making Universities Matter (MUM) knowledge platform is to collect expertise (from Sweden and internationally) and develop knowledge on the role of universities in society to support Vinnova’s function as an expert agency and contribute to the policy developments in Sweden.

More concretely, the MUM platform aims to:

• Be a nationally and internationally recognised node for research on the role of universities’ interaction with surrounding society

• Examine and provide recommendations on particular topics related to the functioning of universities within the broader research, innovation and higher education system, such as:

> funding streams to universities

> leadership inside universities

> incentives and support structures for interaction with society

> the impact of societal interaction on the quality of education and research

• Maintain continual dialogue with Vinnova (and other relevant actors) to follow policy developments and contribute with input and reflections to the current debate

The MUM platform does this through various research projects and policy engagement activities – conducted in close interaction with Vinnova.